Dynamique du faisceau dans las section finale de focalisation du futur collissionneur linèaire

Part I : The Linear Colliders
1 Introduction (PDF Intro)
2 Linear Collider Concepts
3 Current Linear Collider Projects
Part II : Final focus design for small beam size
4 Chromaticity in the FFS (PDF )
5 Radiation in Bending Magnets (PDF BendingMagnet_r03)
6 Oide effect (PDF Oide_r02)
Part III : BPMs at the ATF2 Interaction Point (IPBPMs)
7 Relevance of ATF/ATF2 (PDF ATF2relevance)
8 BPMs System description (PDF BPMsSystem)
9 Results and conclusions (PDF IPBPMsStatus_r03)
Part IV : Conclusions, Results and Perspectives

Appendix A. The Primitive F (PDF  PrimitiveF)
Appendix B.  IPBPM movers (PDF IPBPMmovers)

Bibliography (PDF bibliography_r04)