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Abstract Abstract

Part I. General Introductions
Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter1_v2
Chapter 2. International Linear Collider Chapter2_v2
Chapter 3. The Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) and ATF2 at KEK Chapter3_v2

Part II. Beam Halo and Compton Recoil Electrons Studies
Chapter 4. Simulations Chapter4_v2
Chapter 5. Beam halo measurements using wire scanners Chapter5_v2

Part III. Diamond Sensor R&D
Chapter 6. CVD diamond sensors Chapter6_v3
Chapter 7. The in vacuum diamond sensor  Chapter7_v2

Part IV. Measurements Using Diamond Sensor
Chapter 8. Horizontal beam halo transverse distribution measurements at ATF2 Chapter8_v2
Chapter 9. Compton recoil electrons measurements Chapter9_v2
Chapter 10. Conclusions and Prospects Chapter10_v2