The Team

Dr Nicolas Arnaud [contact]

Nicolas Arnaud

  • 2003 – today : CNRS staff: flavour physics (BaBar experiment and SuperB project), Virgo LAL and CNRS/IN2P3 physicist contact for outreach activities
  • 1999-2002: PhD fellow in the Virgo-LAL group
  • 1999: civil engineer from École des Ponts ParisTech

Ms. Imene Belahcene [contact]

I started my PhD in 2016. I’m working on searching for gravitational waves produced by cosmic strings and characterizing the Virgo detector.

Dr Fabien Cavalier [contact]

Dr David Corre [contact]

Dr Tito Dal Canton [contact]

I joined LAL in October 2019 as a CNRS researcher. I am interested in the properties of compact objects like neutron stars and black holes, in particular in the modeling and observation of compact binary mergers. My main involvements are in the analysis of data from ground-based gravitational-wave detectors to detect such mergers and in the use of electromagnetic observatories to find transients associated with the mergers.

Pr Michel Davier [contact]

Michel DavierFormer student of École normale supérieure of Saint-Cloud (science), I am director of Laboratoire de l’accélérateur linéaire at Orsay from 1985 to 1994. I become a permanent member of Académie des sciences (physics) in 1996. I taught physics from 1975 to 2005 in the Paris-sud University at Orsay.

Mr Jean-Gregoire Ducoin [contact]

PhD student since October 2018, I work on multi-messenger astronomy and analysis of transient sources of gravitational waves. My work consists in the first part of studying the validity of gravitational wave alerts for Virgo by working on the characterization of the detector, and in the other part in developing strategies for the follow-up of these alerts for the GRANDMA telescope network and the MXT detector of the SVOM satellite.

Mr Pierre-Alexandre Duverne [contact]

Dr Pierre Gruning [contact]

I’m a postdoctoral researcher in the Virgo team at LAL since November 2016. I’m working on the implementation of frequency dependent squeezed light on the CALVA experiment in collaboratiion with the LKB laboratory with the final goal to improve the sensibility of the gravitational wave detector Virgo. Previously I’ve worked on the frequency stabilization of tuneable lasers using referenced fibered ring cavities (postdoc at LPL, Paris 13). I did my PhD thesis at the APC laboratory, Paris 7 where I was working on the design and development of an electro-optical simulator of the futur space based gravitational waves detector eLISA.

Pr Patrice Hello [contact]

Patrice Hello

Ms. Shaymaa Hussein [contact]

Ms. Angelique Lartaux [contact]

vollardI am a PhD. student sice 2016 and I work on frequency dependant squeezing to improve the sensitivity of the Advanced Virgo detector. To do that I will implement in the CALVA platforn the squeezer developed by LKB group. I also work on thermally deformable mirrors in CALVA to adapt the high order modes of a laser beam and reduce injection losses in a cavity.

Dr Nicolas Leroy [contact]

Nicolas LeroyI am a CNRS research associate and I am working in the Virgo experiment, more specifically:

  • search for gravitational waves in coincidence with gamma ray bursts for the LIGO-Virgo network
  • characterisation of noise events in the Virgo detector
  • preparation of the Advanced Virgo project for the control of optical cavities with the CALVA setup

I am also involved in the SVOM experiment for the understanding of gamma-ray bursts, the take-off for this mission is planned in 2021.

Dr Vincent Loriette [contact]

Vincent Loriette


Dr Ivan Maksimovic [contact]

Dr Florent Robinet [contact]

Florent RobinetAfter a Ph.D. thesis in hadronic physics, I joined the Virgo-LAL group in 2009 as a post-doc first then as a CNRS physicist. I’m mostly involved in data analysis work. I’m searching for gravitational waves produced by hypothetical objects called cosmic strings. Another important aspect of my work is focusing on characterizing the noise in the Advanced Virgo detector. Since 2016 I’ve been developing the scientific software for the MXT telescope for the SVOM satellite which will be launched in 2021.

Former members

Marie-Anne Bizouard (2018), Violette Brisson (✝ 2017).
Post doctorates: Sarah Antier (2016-2018), Dominique Huet (2013-2017), Miltos Vavoulidis (2009-2011), K.G. Arun (2007-2009).
Ph.D. students: Imene Belahcene (2016-2019), Valentin Frey (2015-2018), Julia Casanueva Diaz (2014-2017), Marie Kasprzack (2011-2014), Samuel Franco (2011-2014), Michal Was (2008-2011), André-Claude Clapson (2003-2006), Stéphane Kreckelbergh (2002-2005), Thierry Pradier (1998-2001), Luca Matone (1996-1999).
Undergraduates: Lognoné Perrine (2019), Shaymaa Hussein (2017&2018), Khanh Lethingoc (2018), Marta Colomer Mola (2016), Fabrice Sanson (2015), Leo Balembois (2015), Tessa Carver (2013-2014), Hunter Gabbard (2014), Samantha Usman (2014), Olivier Jacquet (2012), Aleksander Levental (2012), Vincent Cognet (2011), Guillaume Lang (2011), Laetitia Jeancolas (2010), Pierre Chopin (2010), Emmanuel Schaan (2010).

(2015 photo) From left to right. Front row: Valentin Frey, Dominique Huet, Julia Casanueva, Patrice Hello, Fabien Cavalier, Nicolas Leroy. Back row: Ivan Maksimovic, Florent Robinet, Marie-Anne Bizouard, Violette Brisson, Fabrice Sanson.